Spero is Latin for hope and the reason for our existence. We are committed to bringing hope to children and families faced with childhood cancer. Together, we believe that we can raise enough money to find a cure.   


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50% Donated to Children's Cancer Research

We're on a mission to find a cure for childhood cancer. Through our 50/50 pledge, we donate 50% of every purchase to CureSearch for Children's Cancer Research.
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The 50/50 Pledge Helps Kids with Cancer by... 

  • Donating 50% of all proceeds to CureSearch
  • Providing parents of these children with flexible income (we donate a proceed of each collection to a family battling cancer)
  • Helping family members wear their support  
  • Raise awareness for childhood cancer



  • Families want to raise awareness. 
  • Family members want to show their support but don't know how. 
  • Family members do not know how to make their contribution count the most. 
  • Childhood cancer is the least funded of all cancer research. 
  • Families experience financial stress when their child is diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer. 


On behalf of children with cancer and their families, thank you!